You told us

We’re looking at potential improvements to public spaces, community facilities, transport connections and more in Cosham. We’ve been talking to local people about the changes and improvements they would like to see in Cosham. 

In October 2022 we held the Party for Cosham to bring the community together to discuss their priorities for the area.

We  reached out to the community and collected feedback in lots of  different ways to ensure people had the best opportunity to share their thoughts. 


Art workshops

Community party

Discovery trails

Pop up stalls




Appointments and home visits

Posters and flyers

Active travel events

Noticeboards and banners

Comment boxes

Over 900 people shared their opinions with us.

We’ve read and logged each individual response and collated them into common themes so that we can start to see people’s priorities across the community.

These findings are being used to inform several council-led projects in Cosham and have also been shared with other public sector organisations.

Just under half of people giving feedback want the council to think about plans for facilities and things to do in the area. There are calls for more things to do for children and families, teens and young people and those in older age groups. 

A wide range of suggestions were put forward in terms of facilities, top of which was a new or updated community centre or community hub, to provide a space for the community to come together. Residents want this space for groups and classes to be held as well as to provide a social space for the community to use, some talked about this space needing to be accessible, for example being affordable or free to rent out, and to include parking facilities. Also linked with this are suggestions about bringing people together through community events such as live music, fetes and festivals, and sports and hobby groups for people of different ages. 

Residents are also keen for more recreational facilities in the area, the plethora of suggestions covered things from a dog walking field and allotments through to bigger investments such as a soft play centre, art centre, bowling alley and cinema. Many residents would like to see a new swimming pool, some mention investment in improving the Lido and others called for a splash park for children. Residents make specific references to ensuring plans include more and better parks, this includes play equipment for children (slides in particular were mentioned), adventure playgrounds, facilities aimed at older children such as skateparks and more general comments about spaces to exercise including outdoor gym equipment. Some mention the provision of toilets, benches and seating areas to provide places to sit, eat and to enable them to stay longer. 

In addition to comments about parks and outdoor spaces there are calls for new and improved sports facilities, this included King George V playing fields which residents want to see being utilised by the community all year round.

Another popular area attracting comments is the selection of shops in Cosham, one in 10 residents suggest that a better variety of shops would not only better serve the community but might also attract more people to the area. Some mention the variety of shops is limited, with too many charity shops, hairdressers/ barbers, nail bars and cafes, instead they would like to see a wider variety of shops including more “decent” shops and local, independent businesses. Some mention the opportunity to diversify the markets for example with local businesses, food, or farmers markets. 

In addition to comments about the shopping aspects of Cosham and the high street, residents talk about encouraging a nightlife or ‘café culture’ to the area through a wider selection of eating and drinking establishments. Suggestions include cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars, outdoor spaces, and pedestrianizing the high street. 

Whilst residents talk about improving the high street, many mention making Cosham a destination rather than somewhere people pass through, an important part of which is ensuring it serves the community and removes the need for them to travel elsewhere to shop or socialise. 

Transport is the third area of focus for the community, in particular walking and cycling facilities. Residents talk about prioritising active travel in the area through improved walking and cycling routes, repairs to pavements, ensuring paths and routes are safe for users and linking up the area through the network of routes. There are specific mentions about where improved crossings would benefit the area, either to make crossing the road safer or to make them more accessible to residents with disabilities. 

Residents would like the council to think about public transport when making plans, some talk about improved public transport services and keeping Cosham connected to the city, buses are a particular focus with requests for new routes, more bus services and improved bus stops. 

Some comments relate to vehicular traffic, in particular the flow of traffic, reducing the volume of traffic on the roads and creating safer roads. Traffic flow considerations include suggestions to reduce the build-up of traffic, improve the access to roundabouts, introducing one-way systems or changing road layouts. 

A smaller group of residents talk about green and clean issues, the main one being that residents would like to ensure that green spaces are not lost as changes are made to the area, many would like to see more green spaces added. Along with this, residents would like to see more trees, planting and greening in the area, and consideration given to wildlife and the environment. The environmental impact of more housing was one area of concern, along with the impact of local traffic and pollution levels. Some suggest plans include green solutions such as solar panels and living roofs. 

The clean element of this section includes making the area look nicer, in particular ensuring it is clean. Some suggest more bins and ensuring streets are clear of litter and dog fouling. 

Redevelopment is also raised as an area for consideration amongst a smaller group of respondents, concerns are raised about the impact of more housing on services in the area, local infrastructure and population numbers in general affecting the community feel in Cosham.

Feelings are mixed about whether or not plans should include more housing or flats, some either do not want any more or for the number of properties to be limited, whilst others were keen for more housing, particularly affordable housing or council housing. Some residents want new housing to include residential parking, so as not to add to the already stretched parking situation in the area. 

Aside from housing and the impact on the population and infrastructure, some residents talk about redeveloping empty buildings such as the police and fire stations, for example into a swimming pool, retail space, bus station or community space. Some mention building or creating more commercial properties, or mixed residential and commercial properties, and ensuring lower rents to encourage businesses in. 

A theme felt throughout the feedback is that residents would like the community to be at the forefront of plans. They want to be considered and involved throughout the process, and for their sense of community to be encouraged and strengthened through the plans that are made and implemented. It is important to residents that plans are inclusive and accessible, catering for all ages, needs and abilities. More help for the homeless is highlighted by some as something to consider. 

Several residents talk about this project offering the opportunity to future proof Cosham, against the changing climate, again linking with green initiatives and sustainability. 

Residents asked for parking to be considered in the plans, some ask for more parking, or disabled parking, while others specifically want free or cheaper parking for the high street to make it more accessible and appealing not only to residents but also to people driving in from outside the area.

Some residents struggle with parking at their residential properties and want that to be addressed, whilst others would like to see a higher presence of traffic wardens to help enforce parking rules. A few residents would like to see more electric vehicle charging points. 

A small group of residents mention safety on the streets, they would like to ensure plans help make the area feel safe, perhaps by better lighting and reducing anti-social behaviour. A greater police presence is suggested as helping to achieve a safer environment, as well as helping to enforce rules and prevent e-scooters and cyclists from using pavements to travel along.